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Robin Avery In The News ...

• WATERCOLOR USA 2023-MISSOURI ART MUSEUM | "Springtime" Awarded Watercolor USA Honor Society Award of Excellence June 9, 2023

• WATERCOLOR USA 2023 | Spring Show - June 10 - Sept 3, 2023 Springfield Missouri Art Museum Artwork Accepted "Springtime"

•  45th WATERCOLOR ART SOCIETY OF HOUSTON 2022 | International Exhibition March 2022
Artwork Accepted- "Fresh Farms Non-GMO"

•  WATERCOLOR U.S.A. 2022 Springfield, Missouri | Juried Exhibition June 4 - Aug 28
Artwork Accepted "Organic Farming"


Artwork Accepted "Spring's Display"

• 2022 VIEWPOINT 54 | Cincinnati, Ohio Art Club - Show held at The Eisele Gallery, Mariemont, Ohio
Artwork Accepted " Fresh Farm Produce"

•  WATERCOLOR ART SOCIETY OF HOUSTON 2019-2020 | Art Teacher - Beginning Watercolor



• WATERCOLOR ART SOCIETY OF HOUSTON 2018 | Elite Membership Status


• WATERCOLOR ART SOCIETY OF HOUSTON 2013 | Received Elite Membership Status

• WATERCOLOR USA 2013 | June 1-Sept 1 Springfield Missouri Art Museum

• WESTERN FEDERATION WATERCOLOR SOCIETY 2013 |June 1 - July 9th Irving, Texas Judge: Mark Mehaffey

• "Words with Friends" received a First Place in the 2012 May Gallery Exhibit Show- Juror Ellen Orseck. WATERCOLOR ART SOCIETY OF HOUSTON

• "Leaving Again" received a First Place in the 2012 July Gallery Exhibit Show- Juror Kermit Eisenhut. WATERCOLOR ART SOCIETY OF HOUSTON

• THE PEARL FINCHER MUSEUM OF FINE ART, Spring, TX, is exhibiting the local winners from the Watercolor Art Society-Houston's 32nd Annual International Exhibition. The Exhibition attracts artists from all parts of the world and continues to be one that represents watermedia of all expressions at the highest level. Artists include Robin Avery, Eldon Faries, Gerry Finch, Carla Gauthier, Sherry Tseng Hill, A.J. Schnexnayder, Tonya Vollertsen, Cheryl Wooten, and Keiko Yasuoka. Robin's watercolor "Saturday in Sienna"will be exhibited at the Museum August 22 thru September 20, 2009.Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts·6815 Cypresswood Dr, Spring, TX 281.376-6322

• WATERCOLOR USA 2009 June 6-August 2 Springfield Missouri Art Museum selected the painting “ Peter’s Cat, Max” to receive a $250 cash award and a Patron Purchase.

• WATERCOLOR ART SOCIETY OF HOUSTON hosted their 32nd International Exhibition March 2009. Juror Judy Morris selected “Saturday in Sienna” to receive an Honorable Mention Award.

• April 2009 GALERIE REGINA 1716 Richmond Avenue Houston, Texas Robin Avery was the featured Artist.

•  March 2009 tapped for Signature Membership in the WATERCOLOR ART SOCIETY OF HOUSTON.

•  October 2008 NORTHWEST ART LEAGUE of the LONESTAR ART GUILD Spring Show -Robin awarded Best Watercolor Award in the Professional Division.

•  Great 8 Exhibition held in conjunction with THE WICHITA KANSAS CENTER FOR THE ARTS and the Kansas Watercolor society awarded the painting “Lingering with Lautrec” a $100 Cash Award November 2008.

•  November 2008 WATERCOLOR ART SOCIETY OF HOUSTON Annual Membership Show juror George James selected the painting “The Catskills” for a Merchandise Award.

•  "Lazy Afternoon" was selected by Juror John Salminen to receive a Merchandise Award from Art Supply on Main in the yearly membership show at WATERCOLOR ART SOCIETY OF HOUSTON... Fall 2007.

•  "Big Boy and Robin" took Honorable Mention in the November Gallery Show at WATERCOLOR ART SOCIETY OF HOUSTON. Juror was Sandy Parkerson of Parkerson Gallery.

•  "Saturday in Sienna" received Honorable Mention in the February Gallery Show at WAS-H . Juror was Anya Tish of Anya Tish Gallery.

•  Stephen Quiller, juror of the 31st Internatinal Show sponsored by WAS-H selected "Soulful" to be included in the exhibition March 2008.

•  "Did You Hear the News?" was recently exhibited at THE SPRINGFIELD ART MUSEUM in Springfield, Missouri. The show was entitled "Watercolor Now! 2008" ... April 15 - June 1.

•  WATERCOLOR USA 2008 | chose "Saturday in Sienna" to be in their exhibition at the Springfield Art Museum June 7 - August 3. Robin will serve on the board as Secretary of the Watercolor Art Society of Houston for 2008 - 2009.

•  In the recent May Gallery Show, juror Katherine Veneman, Blaffer Gallery, selected "In Their Easter Bonnets" for an Honorable Mention at the WAS-H.

•  The book SPLASH was recently released and features "Just Chillin' Baby" in the publication.

•  Juror Carole Bailey awarded Robin a first-place ribbon at the WATERCOLOR ART SOCIETY OF HOUSTON - Houston Small Paintings for the Holidays December Show.

•  Tapped to become a member of the WATERCOLOR USA Honor Society Fall 2007 after having a painting selected for a cash award at the Springfield Art Museum Watercolor USA Exhibition summer 2007. Juror artist, George James, selected " Lingering with Lautrec" to be in this fall's Philadelphia Water Color Society's 107th Exhibition of Works on Paper to be held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania October 11-December 7 2007.

•  Juror, Gerald Brommer, selected, " A Cat Named Jerry" for THE NEW MEXICO WATERCOLOR SOCIETY Exhibition. The show will be at the Expo New Mexico Fine Arts Building Albuquerque October 6-October 28.

•  SOUTHWESTERN WATERCOLOR SOCIETY juror Miles Batt chose a painting for the society's membership show to be held October 9-29 at the Charles W. Eisemann Center 2351 Performance Way Dallas, Texas.

•  Kansas 2007 Great 8 Exhibition will feature a painting selected by juror Judy Morris. The show will be housed atTHE WICHITA CENTER FOR THE ARTS Wichita, Kansas November 16-January 8.

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